The Fall Classic

by Ben Cosgrove October 01, 2013


That chilly fall air.

The dew on the grass

The ice cold beer and ballpark hotdog!


Tis the season for the select few that survived the 162 game (163 in the case of the Rays) MLB marathon. Tonights kicks off the road to the Fall Classic where baseball's elite will battle it out for our pastime's greatest achievement... World Series Champions!


Storied franchises, triple crown winners, MVP's, Cy Youngs and the entire state of Ohio... Will the post season proven Tigers and Cardinals emerge? Will we have a replay of 1990 where which the Reds swept the A's? Will the dominant Red Sox and Dodgers square off? Or will we see the upstart Pirates and Indians. Many questions remain unanswered. Answers, however, are hours away!


Fall baseball! 'Merica at it's finest!

Ben Cosgrove
Ben Cosgrove


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