MLB - Top stories of the first half of the season

by Michael Ditmer July 16, 2013

With the mid-summer classic upon us, let’s look back at the top subplots of the first half of the MLB season:

Crush Davis - Dropping bombs like its 1999 and he is currently on the pace to hit 62 homers. He had hit 79 home runs in the previous 5 seasons in 1,520 ABs or 1 in 19 ABs.  This season is 1 in 12 ABs, this is quite the power surge.  If he is PED free, does he become the new home run king if he passes Maris?  Speaking of power surges and PEDs…does anyone remember when Bret Boone went from the Reds to the Mariners and gained 50 pounds in muscle in one off season and hit 37 HRs and 141 RBIs in 2001?  The good ole days when we had a don’t ask, don’t tell, just hit bombs and save the MLB mentality. 

Max Scherzer – Is 13-1 a good record?  It is, okay I thought so as well.  Even more shocking, someone not named Verlander that pitches for the Tigers is the leading candidate for the AL Cy Young…he is also the starting pitcher for the AL tonight.  The only thing crazier than starting 13-0 are his eyes.

Biogenesis – Breaking news I know, A-Rod is involved in another PED scandal.  Steroids are bad, Bosch is a rat, MLB wants to clean up the game, ect ect.  What is even more shocking is that he continues to get caught up in these ordeals.  You think after all the stories about him in the past, this would deter any future use…he is definitely worth ¼ billion dollars!

Derek Jeter – We waited 91 games to see The Captain beat out an infield single in his first game back.  And just like the Yankees season, DJ went down… #shame

Pittsburgh Pirates – While we are all shocked they have the 2nd best record in all of baseball, I believe we are all waiting for their impending losing streak that will lead to their 200th (or 21st) losing season in a row.


Miggy – back to back triple crowns, well maybe.  Either Miggy needs to meet up with Tony Bosch or Davis needs to slip on a McDonalds bag and put his arm through a TV (yes this was actually accomplished by Brandon Marshall in 2008)

Michael Ditmer
Michael Ditmer


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