2014 NBA Draft

by Michael Ditmer July 12, 2013 1 Comment


NBA teams...don't get scared to tank your 2013 season, if not just for one season.  After a paltry 2013 draft, the 2014 draft is loaded with can't miss prospects.  Kentucky has power forward Julius Randle, Duke has Jabari Parker, but there isn't a better franchise prospect than Kansas's Andrew Wiggins. Where would you rank Andrew Wiggins as a prospect, right behind Lebron?  Durant?  


What is the point of going 40-42 this year Cleveland?  Just suck all kinds of suck for one season and go to war with Wiggins, Irving, Bynum, and Tristan Thompson.  Did I mention Lebron James could become a free agent in 2014...

Michael Ditmer
Michael Ditmer


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Ben Cosgrove
Ben Cosgrove

July 15, 2013

Wiggins is certainly the best “athlete” since Lebron….

Parker fills it like Kobe though and has Bosh’s frame + 20lbs…

Just wonder if Parker will stay true to his word and spend more than 1 year on campus.

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