The Madness of March

by Ben Cosgrove March 25, 2014


Now that we've all lost an entire week of productivity at the 9-5, there's no denying the fact that the next couple of weeks in sports offer the greatest viewing pleasures know to the expert and novice sports eye.


While we were all fascinated with the busting of our brackets (especially with my Dukies choking on their ding dongs) we were really just prepping ourselves for the more exciting weeks to come... Major League Baseball Opening Day (a true Holiday here in Cincinnati), the NCAA Sweet 16- Elite 8 - Final Four and, most importantly, THE Masters. In our humble opinion there is no greater time in sports. These event equate to a right of passage... a transition of the seasons... the beginning of Spring!


If you have #OhioProblems like we do the beginning of spring is more pleasing to the aesthetics than a nice onion in yoga pants!


Go UD! Eff the Cardinals! We're ready for a tradition unlike any other!

Ben Cosgrove
Ben Cosgrove


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